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Medical Power of Attorney Plan: What decisions need to be made and when

When it comes to medical powers of attorney, most people would rather think about something else…anything else. The thought of a loved one not being physically or mentally able to make health-wise decisions is enough to leave anyone overwhelmed. However, we should let this year be a lesson: always have a plan!

It’s imperative to become familiar with the hard choices — as well as the easier ones — and understand how to make the right decisions when necessary. The plan consists of more than a simple email stating that an agent can make medical decisions on your behalf. You need a comprehensive plan in the form of a medical power of attorney that is catered to whatever situation you or a loved one is facing.

I understand, getting sick or injured, especially during this year, is not something for which we want to plan. Like it or not, however, life can throw curveballs causing even the healthiest people to need medical attention. In an effort to help you begin preparing, below we will show you what your medical power of attorney should consider, how to identify what decisions need to be made, and when.

Choosing the right medical power of attorney

The best medical power of attorney will be authoritative when it comes to speaking about your wishes to estate attorneys, doctors and potentially judges. If you are unable to speak for yourself, you’ll need someone in your corner to help carry out your wishes. If you have not yet appointed someone to speak for you, in proper written form, you will no longer be able to do so. Prior to any loss of capacity, you may enlist one or more individuals to serve as power of attorney. What’s important, however, is choosing someone that you trust to handle the responsibility appropriately and competently.

Being specific about the medical care you want

Your medical choices should be expressed verbally or in written form, following the applicable State laws. In this form, your chosen medical care can be understood clearly, without hesitation. When it comes to life-or-death matters, your power of attorney should be positioned to ensure that you will be cared for on your terms, as clearly written in your medical power of attorney. Additionally, this document helps inform medical professionals understand your care wishes when you’re unable to share those details. Such specificity, properly written in your medical power of attorney, can help ensure that you receive the support and care that you need.

Creating a list of what you DON’T want

Being able to say “no” is an underrated feat, especially when you are unable to speak for yourself. Your power of attorney will help you share what you do NOT want when it’s time for someone to make a medical decision for you.There are no simple answers when it comes to the medical care that’s right for you.

What is clear, however, is that your wishes should be clearly written in proper form so that you can be cared for on your terms. Let our office assist you in choosing the best medical power of attorney for you. By planning your medical care ahead of the need for it, you allow yourself to take control, avoid stressful situations and give your future caregivers the “power” of decision-making based on your preferences.

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