Adrienne Quinn

Vice President of Operations

Adrienne Quinn is the Vice President of Operations at The TGQ Law Firm. She has a background in education, teaching and educational administration which gives her a unique experience as a parent navigating her children through the Plymouth Canton Public School system. She is passionate about serving others and advocating for children in educational settings and elders within the legal system.

Leona Apostolovic

Legal Intern

Leona is in her first year of undergraduate studies at Wayne State University where she studies business management on a prelaw track. Leona moved to the United States from a small area in Europe and became immediately fascinated by the legal processes and guaranteed freedoms of America. She attended the middle school where Adrienne Quinn taught English and developed a close relationship with her. In 2019, they crossed paths again and Leona was invited to join the TGQ law firm to chase her legal dreams!

Ever since, she has been interning at the firm, assisting the Quinns directly. She enjoys working at the firm and the inspiration she gains from the attorneys each day.

Leona aims to attend law school one day and obtain a Juris Doctorate. Outside of her internship, she enjoys exercising, traveling, and reading fiction books!

Chelsey Dankert

Marketing Coordinator

With over 15 years of combined marketing and customer service experience, Chelsey works passionately and creatively in her role as Marketing Coordinator by actively sharing the vision and culture of the TGQ Law Firm.

Chelsey is a work-from-home mother of 4 young children. She and her husband Evan have been married for almost 10 years and currently reside in Jackson, MI where they both are active in their local church.

Apart from work, Chelsey is enthusiastic about supporting women in any stage of motherhood, cultivating meaningful community and friendships, and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Danielle M. Deferia

Executive Assistant

Danielle has 14+ years of experience in the legal profession. She primarily worked in general litigation with the last few years assisting in estate planning. After meeting her husband and growing a family, she left the corporate world in 2015 and became a stay at home mother. Those 6 years home with her family are the most cherished moments, however, as they grow older she felt the need to rejoin the working world. She reconnected with Attorney Quinn and has taken on her role as Executive Assistant with pride and passion.

When she’s not balancing wife/mother/career schedules, she can be found at her boys’ sporting events, taking walks, traveling or just enjoying a fire in her backyard with her family.

Sara Nickleberry

Director of Marketing

Sara is an experienced marketer skilled in social media marketing and strategy. Driven by her passion for the firm’s success, she takes pride in providing the best integrated marketing strategy possible. As the Director of Marketing, her goals include positioning The TGQ Law Firm as the go-to estate planning law firm in Michigan.

Valerie Wilson

Executive Administrative Assistant to Attorney Terrence Quinn

Valerie is in her fourth year at Spelman College where she studies English and Spanish with a concentration in Law. Valerie’s interest in the legal field was piqued at age fifteen by a close friend’s mother, a practicing lawyer, who spotted “a certain something” in Valerie which she believed could be the makings of an attorney. She invited Valerie to join her firm as an apprentice and during this time, Valerie enjoyed learning about the legal system, implications of the law and how it can be used to serve others. Ultimately, this experience led Valerie to commit to pursuing a legal career. Valerie first joined The TGQ Law Firm during the summer of 2018 and has spent every summer since, assisting Attorney Terrence G. Quinn.

Upon graduation from Spelman, Valerie plans to obtain a Juris Doctorate and is in the process of preparing applications for law school. When she is not busy at work, in class or studying for the LSAT, Valerie enjoys rollerblading with her mother, spending time with her new puppy, Mylo, and cooking vegetarian meals for her family.