Retirees & Seniors

With over 20 years of combined experience assisting retired couples, individuals and seniors with their will or trust, long-term care, etc. planning, our attorneys have developed processes of planning that account for the common interests and circumstances faced by retirees and seniors. With every client we are committed to making sure your experience with The TGQ Law Firm involves great service, accurate counsel/advice, and an enjoyable process.

We have found that many retired individuals wish to satisfy the following three concerns:

  1. Avoiding Conflict and Burdens – you want to make sure that you do not leave your family and loved ones (spouse, children, grandchildren, etc.) to the burdens of probate court, and you want to eliminate conflict where possible. You also want to leave provision for the life benefit of those loved ones;
  2. Ensuring Your Care, On Your Terms – you want to ensure that your assets and/or support system will be sufficient and properly arranged to care for you, on your terms, as you move forward in life; and
  3. Secure a Trusted Advisor – you want to secure a trustworthy professional advisor that will be by your side through the latter years of life if your health fails.

We recognize that these considerations can be the source of stress at times. Our commitment to you, however, is that we will walk with you, considering your interests and helping you create a plan that alleviates each of the concerns.

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