What We Do

At TGQ Law we enjoy our work! We have been very intentional about the practice areas that we have chosen to embrace. Our attorneys are passionate about the client bases that are reached and are committed to supporting those clients as we assist them in the pursuit of their goals and interests. It’s much more than a job for us, it’s our service to you!

While our practice crosses multiple practice areas, the starting point for our service is based in three main areas:

  1. Estate Planning and Consulting;
  2. Probate Law; and
  3. Elder Law

Estate Planning and Consulting

Every TGQ Law attorney is trained to provide legal support and guidance as they assist clients with plans and strategies that will:

  • Provide for care on their terms if incapacity occurs;
  • Protect their assets during their life; and
  • Properly distribute assets upon death

Our experience has taught us how to navigate the issues that could spark conflict in families, or leave assets and/or family members in the hands of third party outsiders. Your wishes should be honored, and when written in the appropriate form, typically via will or trust, those wishes can be carried out in simple and clear manners. Furthermore, if you find yourself incapacitated, powers of attorney may play an important role in obtaining support and assistance for your care. In many cases, avoiding probate court is ideal, but doing so often requires expert planning. We are trained to support you in this way.

In situations where proper trust planning has occurred, you may still benefit significantly from professional support with matters surrounding trust administration. Although probate will be avoided where your properly drafted trust was funded correctly, you may need assistance with proper trust management and asset distribution as Trustee. Furthermore, if you are a personal, institutional or charitable beneficiary of a trust, you may need assistance with your pursuit and reception of trust assets designated for you. We can help!

Probate Law

Probate law involves the provision of legal counsel and representation to individuals facing or considering the usage of the probate court system for matters involving deceased individuals, or individuals in need of fiduciary support.

Decedent Estate Administration

At times, individuals die leaving assets in their estates, and outside of the grasp of heirs or other interested parties. In such occasions, the only route may involve the local probate court. We recommend consulting one of our attorneys to ensure that you approach the probate process correctly.

Interested Party Claims

You may find that a decedent’s estate proceeding has been established but your interest in the estate has not been represented or acknowledged sufficiently. In such cases it is very important that you pursue your interests in the right way at the right time. Whether you are an individual or institution, we can assist you in this process.

Guardianship & Conservatorship Proceedings

Everyone, 18 years of age and older, ought to consider who will handle assets and/or make decisions for you if you suddenly become incapacitated but remained alive. This information should be incorporated into well-drafted powers of attorney. In situations where no powers of attorney are involved, and the individual needs fiduciary support due to incapacity or minor age, securing legal counsel may be the right move. At TGQ Law, our familiarity with the probate courts and the laws governing these actions will aid you in this effort of care. Contact us today!

Elder Law

The provision of legal guidance, counseling, support and protection to individuals, age 65 and over, as they navigate the physical, financial and familial circumstances and challenges of life. Some of the matters that are common to individuals age 65 and older involve issues surrounding:

  • Long-term care
  • Medicaid planning
  • Social Security questions
  • Financial exploitation
  • Elder abuse
  • Assistance with family conflict avoidance
  • Plus more!

We understand the issues and are committed to being by your side as you engage in the pursuit of your interests, protection of your stake, and promotion of family peace. We have found great success in supporting individuals in these ways, and we would love to work with you.

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