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As an estate planning attorney near Canton, MI, we can provide you with legal guidance as you focus on protecting your family and loved ones. Estate planning attorneys take care of will preparation, establishing and managing trusts, creating estate plans, probate court matters, and many other needs related to end-of-life planning.

You can secure professional assistance from our team at The TGQ Law Firm. We provide all our clients with respectful service while answering legal questions, and we understand the complicated nature of many end-of-life decisions.

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Estate Planning Attorney Near Canton, MI

Estate planning represents an important legal step for many people in Canton, MI. The estate planning process allows you to provide clear instruction about:

  •       How you want your assets divided
  •       Who will take care of your children
  •       Who can make decisions for you if you become incapacitated

Our team at The TGQ Law Firm has the experience and legal expertise to help you create wills and trusts. A correctly drafted estate plan allows you to:

  •       Preserve your wealth
  •       Reduce the taxes on your savings
  •       Avoid conflicts within your family

You can set up your estate plan to provide specific care for any family members with special needs. We discuss your unique family situation during the estate planning process, helping you feel confident about the outcomes.

Probate Attorney Serving Canton

A probate attorney near Canton, MI, can help if you require assistance understanding the complicated nature of the probate court system. In addition, our team at The TGQ Law Firm provides advocacy services on behalf of our clients.

We step in to help if you need to execute a will left by a member of your family or a friend. We also offer assistance to beneficiaries.

The probate system often feels complicated to those without legal experience. Depending upon the nature of the will or trust left behind, it could take a significant amount of time for the estate to make it through the probate system.

We provide compassionate support throughout the entire probate court experience, using our expertise to guide you through the process. In addition, we maintain open lines of communication so you can feel confident about the progress of your case. Learn more by contacting us.

Wills, Trusts, & Probate Court

We understand that many people confuse wills and trusts. These documents are legally binding and help you in the estate planning process. However, they have different functions. We can guide you through the creation of these documents and how they’re used.

A will allows you to state your intentions regarding the distribution of your estate after your death. Your will goes into effect only after the end of your life and is likely to go through probate court.

A trust, on the other hand, takes effect once you transfer an asset into it and a lawyer gathers all proper signatures. In many cases, your family can avoid the long time spent in probate court if you establish a trust with our estate planning attorney near Canton, MI.

The probate court system handles wills, guardianships, and conservatorships.

Terrence G. Quinn, Esq., &  Laurie D. Brewis, Esq.

Terrence G. Quinn founded The TGQ Law Firm and serves as president of the firm. He graduated from the University of Michigan Law School and received a ceremonial Key to the City from his hometown of Flint, MI. He founded The TGQ Law Firm in 2008 after receiving his education in probate and estate planning.

Laurie D. Brewis graduated from the Michigan State University College of Law and began practicing law in 2001. She kept her focus on estate planning, consulting, elder law, and probate law; she currently serves on several local boards representing the community.

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