Special Needs Families

As a parent, generally, you work hard to create situations and environments for your children that allow them to excel in life in every way possible. When that child (or other loved one) has a physical, developmental or emotional health challenge, your efforts to provide such situations and environments must be much more intentional, thoughtful and strategic.

Identifying and accessing resources that aid in this process help establish a greater sense of peace and comfort in knowing that the child/loved one will be properly cared for now, later and throughout his/her life. Proper planning, following the appropriate consideration of will or trust ideas, provides security in knowing the type of care that he/she will receive.

With that proper planning, you can ensure that:

  1. the appropriate amount and type of assets are available to the individual for his/her lifetime; and
  2. the child will not be disqualified from receiving governmental or other benefits secured for his/her care.

At the TGQ Law Firm, as a result of our professional experiences on the job, and our personal experiences with special needs matters, we are positioned to support you in this planning process.

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