Blended Families

At TGQ Law, we have an extensive background helping blended families create plans that accomplish their goals, satisfy their interests, and resolve their concerns. Among the many goals, interests and concerns that are typical for blended families, we have found that the following statements are very common among families of this type:

“I love my spouse completely, but I want to make sure that my child(ren), that I had prior to my current marriage, receive(s) my assets if I die!”

“I purchased this home for myself long before I met my current spouse. We are currently building a life together, but I’d like to keep my home separate from our marital assets so that I can leave it for my child when I leave!”

“We want our assets to go to all of our collective children when we’re both gone, not just to his or mine.”

“When I pass, I want my assets to be available for my spouse’s use. I want those assets to then go to my children after my spouse is gone.”

“Whatever happens, I don’t want my assets to end up in the hands of my spouse’s ex. (parent of spouse’s minor children). How can I avoid that for sure?”

These are just a few ideas, concerns, etc. that are typical among blended families. Those ideas and others make blended families one of the main classifications of people with an urgent need for planning. The good news is that at TGQ Law Firm we have simple solutions that can accommodate and satisfy these will or trust needs desires.

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