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Estate Planning Attorney Ann Arbor, MI

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Protect the ones you love with the help of an estate planning attorney in Ann Arbor, MI. At The TGQ Law Firm, we feel a deep respect for clients who have decided to take the important step towards securing their beneficiaries’ financial future. We also recognize our solemn responsibility to create estate plans that accurately reflect our clients’ wishes. In helping our clients make their end-of-life decisions, we take great care in preserving their legacy. Our primary goals include:

  • Crafting detailed estate plans that preserve our clients’ wealth for the future
  • Representing the best interests of our clients in probate court
  • Fighting for the specialized care needed by our clients’ vulnerable loved ones

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Estate Planning Attorney Ann Arbor, MI

Take control of what happens to your assets by working with our estate planning attorney in Ann Arbor, MI. Engaging an estate planner allows you to dictate the terms under which the distribution of your assets takes place. Alternatively, leaving it up for the courts to decide can lead to unintended results that do not match your desires. Some of the benefits of a professionally drafted estate plan include:

  • Wealth preservation
  • Reduced taxes
  • Avoidance of family conflicts
  • Motivating your beneficiaries
  • Providing for loved ones with special needs

Our experienced wills & trusts attorneys at The TGQ Law Firm will work closely with you to understand your true intentions and devise estate plans that effectively carry out your wishes. Through careful consultation, will preparation, and the drafting of trust documents, we can put the power in your hands.


Probate Attorney Serving Ann Arbor

Protect your financial interests by consulting with a probate attorney in Ann Arbor, MI. Whether you need to fulfill your duties as an executor of a will or believe you have a claim as a beneficiary of someone who passed away, the veteran probate attorneys at The TGQ Law Firm will advocate strongly on your behalf. Depending on the size of a decedent’s estate and the strength of any challenges to a will, probate cases can prove complicated and time-consuming. Our empathetic attorneys, paralegals, and assistants will guide you through the entire process. From the very first consultation our attorneys at The TGQ Law Firm will explain what you should expect from a probate case, any specific issues that the court may need to resolve, and how to prepare yourself.


Wills, Trusts, & Probate Court

Some of the clients that we see express confusion regarding wills, trust, and probate. At The TGQ Law Firm, we understand that for many people this may represent the first time they have ever had to deal with a wills & trusts issue. Discover some of the differences between wills, trusts, and probate below.


Most clients understand what a will does. It represents the intent of a testator regarding the final disposition of their assets. Some of the defining features of a will include the fact that it only takes effect upon the testator’s death and must pass through a probate court.


Unlike wills, a trust becomes effective as soon as the trustor and trustees sign it and transfer at least one asset into it. A trust becomes effective immediately, and if handled correctly it can help loved ones avoid  lengthy probate cases.

Probate Court

Probate court serves the public by validating effective wills, hearing challenges to wills and trusts, and deciding what to do with the assets of someone who dies without an estate plan. Probate courts also hear guardianship and conservatorship cases, which pertain to vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly and the mentally unwell.

Terrence G. Quinn, Esq. & Laurie D. Brewis, Esq.

Terrence G. Quinn founded The TGQ Law Firm in 2008 after leaving the Trust and Estates Practice Group of a preeminent Michigan law firm. Raised in Flint, Michigan, Mr. Quinn now holds a “key to the city” and received the honor of having the city’s Terrence Quinn Day named after him. Mr. Quinn earned both his bachelor’s and his law degree from the University of Michigan.  Mr. Quinn is an estate planning and probate specialist serving clients throughout Michigan, while frequently conducting educational workshops and webinars on these topics. Laurie D. Brewis started practicing law in 2001 after graduating from Michigan State University College of Law. She possesses a wealth of knowledge in estate planning and probate. When out of the office, Ms. Brewis gives back to the local community by serving as a volunteer board member of the Manchester Area Historical Society and Blue Star Service Dogs.

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