Three things to know about estate planning during uncertainty

Most of us have never been faced with a major pandemic such as COVID-19. It may prompt some of us to think about the kind of life we want to leave for our families, while choosing the best strategies for staying safe from the virus, working from home, and doing all we can to adjust to a new normal.… Read more


Three Reasons to “Guard” Your Loved Ones with Guardianship

Many of our loved ones are turning 60 years old this year. Some of our relatives or good friends are already seniors! Among those seniors that we care about, many may have developed a disability in recent years. In many cases, these loved ones need support physically, emotionally and financially.… Read more

digital property

Five challenges to consider when protecting your digital property

Planning your estate usually means creating a plan to protect your finances, real estate and pets. The reasons for protecting these things range from the importance of preserving the items for the generations in your family to reducing taxes and paying off bills after your demise.… Read more

your digital assets

Three Reasons to Add Your Digital Assets Into Estate Planning

Once upon a time, playing games on your phone was just a pastime. In today’s world, it is common for individuals to own companies that produce such games, and the games themselves, once produced. On a smaller scale, many people today own intangible items on their electronic devices and held “in the cloud.”… Read more

No Trust. No Will. No Plan. Who Dropped the Ball?

Professional athletes, actors, singers and other entertainers, we need to talk. I know you’re busy, being pulled in multiple directions to satisfy the external and internal demands of your entertainment profession. I also know that when the cameras and microphones turn off and the referees leave the venue, you want to go home and relax.… Read more

The Non-Professional Pitfall: The Costly Mistake of Putting Your Estate Plans in the Hands of the Wrong Person

Imagine this: you’ve visited The TGQ Law Blog and you’ve read all about estate plans, wills, and trusts. You then went to a workshop held by Attorney Terrence Quinn and you’ve listened to him expertly explain the importance of estate planning, and you began to think about how difficult it would be for your loved ones if you passed away without an estate plan.Read more