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Simple next steps when your loved one passes without a will

Firstly, if you are reading this article and seeking information because you have recently lost someone, please allow us to say that we recognize your pain, and understand your desire to honor your dearly departed by ensuring that their estate is maintained and distributed in a way that is fair, orderly and legal.… Read more


My loved one died without a Will – who pays for the funeral?

When a loved one passes, members of their family often ask the question above in a bid to figure out how to give them the most befitting and dignified funeral.

One simple answer to the question is that funeral expenses may be paid for with estate assets.… Read more


Three Reasons to “Guard” Your Loved Ones with Guardianship

Many of our loved ones are turning 60 years old this year. Some of our relatives or good friends are already seniors! Among those seniors that we care about, many may have developed a disability in recent years. In many cases, these loved ones need support physically, emotionally and financially.… Read more

The Non-Professional Pitfall: The Costly Mistake of Putting Your Estate Plans in the Hands of the Wrong Person

Imagine this: you’ve visited The TGQ Law Blog and you’ve read all about estate plans, wills, and trusts. You then went to a workshop held by Attorney Terrence Quinn and you’ve listened to him expertly explain the importance of estate planning, and you began to think about how difficult it would be for your loved ones if you passed away without an estate plan.Read more

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What You Need to Know About Estate Planning To Get Started

The term “estate planning” may sound like something just for millionaires but that’s furthest from the truth. Everyone, whether  young, old, a student, an athlete, single, married, or a CEO, needs a plan for the future and there are no pre-qualifiers.Read more

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How to Have a Conversation with Your Parents About Estate Planning

How do you have a conversation with your parents about estate planning? My first impulse is to answer to this question with the statement, “Very carefully.” Your parents are your parents and you are their child no matter how old you are.Read more