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How I Keep My Heirs From Squabbling Over The Family Fortune

Creating a comprehensive estate plan is something that people often delay. It’s rare to find someone eager to consider what will happen with their assets after they pass away, but early planning is vital to prevent heirs from squabbling over the family fortuneRead more

Wooden Blocks Spelling Out Estate Planning | How To Speak To Relatives About Estate Planning

How To Speak To Relatives About Estate Planning

The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate planning can be a complex subject to broach. Many people find it natural to want to avoid having discussions about life after they pass away, but it is crucial to create an estate plan as soon as possible.Read more

Estate Planning Worksheet With A Pair of Glasses | What Is Estate Planning | The TGQ Law Firm

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning | The TGQ Law Firm

Protect the ones you love by working with an estate planning attorney in Ann Arbor, MI. At The TGQ Law Firm, many of our clients procrastinate when getting their affairs in order because they see it as something you only need to do when you’re older.Read more

College Students

Protecting Your Adult Child As They Leave For College

By the time your child turns 18 and heads to college, you will no longer have legal authority over them. While some parents consider this as a natural part of getting older, you may want to continue protecting your adult child during their college years and beyond. Read more