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Probate Attorney Ann Arbor, MI

While many people understand the importance of preparing a will, fewer people are familiar with the probate court process.  As a probate attorney Ann Arbor, Michigan residents rely on, our team at The TGQ Law Firm understands the lasting impact that end-of-life decisions can have on the friends and families of loved ones. Our mission is to ensure that the Michigan courts faithfully enact our clients’ last wills and testaments, helping them to secure their legacies. 

What Happens In Probate Court?

The purpose of the probate court is to authenticate and implement the last will and testament of an individual after their death. In this way, the court enforces the execution of an individual’s will according to their last wishes. Part of this process is determining whether or not a will is valid. 

Once the court verifies the legitimacy of a will, it will assign an executor to manage the deceased individual’s finances and distribute assets among their beneficiaries. The court will oversee the distribution process, locating and assigning value to assets, as well as repaying lasting debts.  

If a will does not exist or fails to designate beneficiaries, the deceased individual’s assets will remain frozen in their name until the court authorizes someone to distribute them and determines to whom they will go.

Do I Need A Probate Attorney?

While difficult to discuss, planning in advance with an attorney can help protect the interests of our loved ones in the event of our passing. Without a will, an individual’s funds come under the supervision of the probate courts. 

By working with a probate attorney in Ann Arbor, MI to establish a will or trust beforehand, you can ensure that your loved ones will receive their inheritance through a smooth process. An attorney will help structure your finances to protect your estate, securing your assets for those who matter to you.

If you are an executor or administrator of another person’s will or estate, you will need a probate attorney to help you jump through the hoops as you move through the steps of the probate and estate settlement process.

How Our Team Can Help During the Probate Process

At The TGQ Law Firm, we have years of experience helping families with the estate planning and probate court process. We will assist you through this process, providing you with the legal advice necessary to ensure that the court upholds your will. We can help you: 

  • Preserve your wealth
  • Mediate family conflicts
  • Inform or assist your beneficiaries
  • Reduce taxes on your estate
  • Provide support for family members with special needs
  • Plan for your care in the event of a life-changing injury 

We commit to informing our clients of all the legal requirements surrounding probate court, as well as the estate planning process. Since everyone has different needs, we adapt our approach to each case, structuring a plan around your needs.  We treat this subject as sensitively as possible and try to make the process as stress-free as we can, motivating you to follow your interests while tackling your concerns.

Our Estate Planning Attorney Team at The TGQ Law Firm

Terrence G. Quinn, Esq.An estate planning attorney in Ann Arbor, MI, Mr. Quinn graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 2002.  After six years with a well-known Michigan law firm, he founded The TGQ Law Firm in 2008. With his insight into estate law, Mr. Quinn will guide you through the probate court process, helping you protect your finances.

Laurie D Brewis | Estate Planning Attorney | The TGQ Law Firm

Laurie D. Brewis, Esq.A member of the Michigan State Bar since 2001, Laurie earned her law degree from Michigan State University College of Law. Certified in probate and estate administration she contributes her deep knowledge of probate and elder law to ensure your assets go to the people you choose.

Ann Arbor Probate Attorney | The TGQ Law Firm

Preserve your legacy with a probate attorney in Ann Arbor, MI. At The TGQ Law Firm, we have years of experience assisting clients with all their probate court and estate planning needs. We inform our clients throughout the process, providing you with the information you need to ensure that the courts honor your wishes. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation today or contact us at (734) 707-3232.