What All Millennials Need To Know About Estate Planning

It might not be immediately clear to many young people why they need to plan their estates, but they should. Regardless of lifestyle preferences and general dispositions, the benefits of an estate plan are as immense for millennials as they are for older generations. Click To Tweet

It does not take a sociology PhD to realize that younger generations are leading considerably different lives from those of their forebears. Today, young people are marrying much later in life, actively choosing not to have any, or as many children as their parents did, and are devoting more and more attention to pets and cherished animals. Others, however, have stuck to a more traditional path. 

Beyond this spectrum of preferences, another thing is generally true: wealth creation for millennials seems a lot harder today than it was for past generations. This notwithstanding, young people continue to possess things of value and substance, making it wise and prudent for them to arrange for those things to fall into the right hands when they are gone.  

‘The right hands’ means different things for different people. For many it might mean provision for their young kids, for others their favorite climate justice charity, and for some it might mean ensuring that their beloved pet is taken care of when they are gone. Investing in an estate plan is the most effective way to ensure that your wishes are complied with, and your loved ones are protected after your passing. 

Now, no one likes talking about death and there is so much uncertainty surrounding the topic. Ironically, the only thing that is certain about death is that it is inevitable. Click To TweetYou do not have to think of death every waking moment, nor do you have to stop living in anticipation of it, but, if it happens, you must be prepared for it. Many young people are so healthy that they feel like superman! This is great! But even Clark Kent does not deny the existence and potency of Kryptonite!

The demands of the 21st century are rapidly evolving, so are the needs of young people. But an imperative remains constant – the need to tidily arrange one’s affairs. You only live once – enjoy life, make an impact, touch lives, and with an estate plan, arrange to keep touching them when you are gone. Contact us today.

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