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Choosing the best guardian for your child is easier than you’d think

If you are thinking about who would be the best, ideal person to serve as guardian for your child, stop. Please know that there is nobody with parenting skills like you; you know your child better than anyone! No matter how wealthy your cousin is, or how educated your sister is, there will never be another parent like you.… Read more


Conservatorship: Seeking Authority to Handle Finances for Loved Ones

Yes, I know, it’s not easy talking about this topic. It is, however, necessary. In the month preceding the drafting of this article our firm has assisted three different families in their efforts to obtain court appointment of conservators (persons appointed by the court to manage finances and assets for another person) for the benefit of a loved one.… Read more


Care, Custody and Cash for Children After Death: How?

Most of the time when we think of our estate plans, we think only of what will happen to our assets when we are old and gray? However, have you ever considered what would happen if you and/or your spouse were not here tomorrow?Read more