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Retirement Fund Piggy Bank | What Is The Best Way To Fund My Retirement

What Is The Best Way To Fund My Retirement?

Whether you’ve been saving money for years or set aside your first dollar today, you have likely wondered at some point, “What is the best way to fund my retirement?”.

If you’ve had this thought, you’re not alone. Retirement planning can be a confusing, daunting subject, which is why hiring an estate planning attorney in Ann Arbor from The TGQ Law Firm can be a relief for so many people.Read more

purchase life insurance

When should you purchase life insurance?

Many people aren’t really in the market for a new car, a new home, or a swanky getaway to Greece right now. However, when the interest is strong enough, we often turn what we want into a reality. Even when the times do not seem like they’re on our side, we consider our options and we tend to make things we want happen.… Read more

life insurance

Have you thought about life insurance as part of your estate planning?

When most people think about life insurance, they usually think about the money needed to cover their funeral expenses. While it is important to have coverage for your final expenses, life insurance can do so much more. With the proper life insurance policy, you can help secure your family’s financial future.… Read more

long term care insurance

What is long-term care insurance and when should it be purchased?

Are you familiar with long-term care insurance? More importantly, did you know you should look into purchasing such insurance sooner rather than later? Federal studies suggest nearly one in seven of the aging American population will need long-term care services throughout a five-year period, later in life.… Read more

Guess Who Can Get Into Your Safe?

Guess Who Can Get Into Your Safe?

Earlier this year I conducted research involving safes that can be kept at home to provide safety and quick access to important documents, and other material. I saw information that discussed the importance of a fireproof safe (according to a report issued by the National Fire Protection Association, in 2013 there were 1,240,000 fires reported in the United States for a total of $11.5 billion in property damage).… Read more