Three Reasons to Carefully Consider Conservatorships

Approximately 1 in 10 Americans aged 60 and over have experienced some form of elder abuse. Many adults, regardless of age have undergone abuse at the hands of a loved one. Sadly, a common form of such abuse involves money. While adults at any age can fall victim, seniors are often the targets of fraudulent actions, and sometimes those actions are perpetrated by relatives.… Read more


Three Reasons to “Guard” Your Loved Ones with Guardianship

Many of our loved ones are turning 60 years old this year. Some of our relatives or good friends are already seniors! Among those seniors that we care about, many may have developed a disability in recent years. In many cases, these loved ones need support physically, emotionally and financially.… Read more

digital property

Five challenges to consider when protecting your digital property

Planning your estate usually means creating a plan to protect your finances, real estate and pets. The reasons for protecting these things range from the importance of preserving the items for the generations in your family to reducing taxes and paying off bills after your demise.… Read more

your digital assets

Three Reasons to Add Your Digital Assets Into Estate Planning

Once upon a time, playing games on your phone was just a pastime. In today’s world, it is common for individuals to own companies that produce such games, and the games themselves, once produced. On a smaller scale, many people today own intangible items on their electronic devices and held “in the cloud.”… Read more